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GOOS has initiated a strategy that both empowers and benefits from projects, for example by helping to fill gaps in the GOOS system. The approach is build upon energy in the ocean observing community, allowing projects to develop and sustain with the help of GOOS.

For example, GOOS and many partners have launched the Tropical Pacific Observing System in 2020 project to address these issues with sustainability. It will evaluate, and where necessary change, all elements that contribute to the Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS) based on a modern understanding of tropical Pacific science. The project aims for enhanced effectiveness for all stakeholders, informed by the development and requirements of the operational prediction models that are primary users of TPOS data. The project embraces the integration of diverse sampling technologies, with a deliberate focus on robustness and sustainability, and will deliver a legacy of improved governance, coordination and supporting arrangements contributing to GOOS.

The TPOS 2020 project is funded and managed independently of GOOS, but reports to the GOOS Steering Committee to ensure integration of its legacy with GOOS. It is a model for other development projects that are extending the reach of the ideas of the Framework for Ocean Observing and energizing and expanding the capabilities of GOOS.

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