Global Ocean Observing System - Improving Readiness
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The inclusion of observing components in the Global Ocean Observing System is based on their readiness level, that is their level of maturity in terms of three aspects of observing elements:

  1. Requirement processes: technological maturity, adequate sampling frequency, measurement precision and quality control, satisfaction of multiple user needs and ongoing international community support.
  2. Coordination of observations elements: Global and sustained observations, periodic review process, availability of specifications and documentation.
  3. Data management and information products: Standardized and interoperable data outputs, global availability of useful data, data management and distribution policies.

Three general readiness levels, as shown in the diagram below, are considered within the Framework: concept, pilot, and mature. This readiness approach allows for timely implementation of components that are already mature, while encouraging innovation and research to improve readiness and capacity building. Targeting GOOS investments based on EOVs, in conjunction with improved readiness levels for sustained observations, favors research and innovation that better shape the evolution of the system.

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