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Global Ocean Observing System 
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
7 place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07-SP

Directory contacts

To contact someone directly at GOOS, please have a look at the following lists for people most appropriate to your query.

Steering Committee

Comprised of: 5 members representing IOC Regions; 10 scientific and technical experts; ex-officio officers of subsidiary bodies; representatives of co-sponsoring; and the GPO director (secretary).


Observations Coordination Group

Coordinating across the global ocean observing networks to strengthen the effective implementation of a global ocean observing system (GOOS) and global marine observing system.


Expert panels

advisory bodies which supply the GSC with scientific studies and expertise underpinning the strategic goals of GOOS.


Regional Alliances

Aligning the global goals of GOOS with the need for services and products satisfying local requirements.

Alliance list

National Focal Points

the appropriate contact points in each Member State for affairs regarding the implementation of GOOS at national and global levels.


GLOSS Focal Points

An international program (operating under the auspices of JCOMM) to establish global and regional networks of tide gauges.



The GOOS Secretariat staff.


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