GOOS Endorsement Process

To qualify as GOOS endorsed the best practice must:

  • have completed a rigorous community review process whereby comments are publicly invited and adjudicated;
  • originate from a network that is at least “pilot’’ in all the BioEco or OCG network attributes (when applicable, i.e. originating from a BioEco or OCG network);
  • be approved by the leadership of the relevant network, expert team or other community leaders, after the review, including potential content changes in response to feedback given to the author for changes;
  • be fit for the purpose as defined and fully satisfy the definition of a best practice OBPS;
  • have been recognised as such through the relevant GOOS body, e.g. GOOS BioEco panel, BGC panel, OOPC or OCG or ETOOFS, after the approval of the relevant network leadership;
  • be available and identifiable within the OBPS repository, or will be submitted as soon as endorsement is received.

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