Mission and principles

Our mission is to lead the ocean observing community and create the partnerships to grow an integrated, responsive and sustained observing system that serves users as effectively as possible.

By integrated, we mean a truly global ocean observing system that delivers the essential information needed for our sustainable development, safety, wellbeing and prosperity.

The ocean observing community is made up of local, national and regional ocean observing systems and programmes, principal investigators, scientists and technicians making long-term observations within national programmes and global ocean observing networks, and many individuals.

Our core principles are to:

  • Implement through user-driven design.
  • Maintain sustained observations.
  • Ensure regular evaluation.
  • Set global standards and best practices.

Looking forward to the next decade, we will achieve our mission by offering more inclusive governance and increased expertise, engagement, communication and capacity.

We will also engage with existing and new partners and stakeholders to deliver our 2030 strategy while building advocacy and visibility with stakeholders.

Where next?

Read our vision for 2030

By 2030, we will have a global ocean observing system truly responsive to the needs of end users.

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