GRA: GOOS Africa

Website: N/A

Established: 2011

Type: Network of regional organization

Membership: 36 Member States

Contact: Mika Odido, Secretariat, IOC (IOC Africa Sub Commission)

GOOS Africa is administered through the IOC Sub-Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States. Sub-Commission officers are defacto officers of GOOS Africa, and represent the African Member States in their relations with the GOOS Regional Alliances.


The Bureau of the Sub-Commission comprises the Chair and three Vice-Chairs elected by the Sub-Commission, and shall serve in accordance with the Guidelines for the Structure and Responsibilities of the Subsidiary Bodies of the Commission. A proposed Regional Ocean Observing Framework System (ROOFS-Africa) to better coordinate ocean observing and operational oceanography across African nations is currently under development.


  • Effective management of coastal environments, controlling pollution and safeguarding human health.
  • Support for the expanding economic activities in the coastal and offshore zones.
  • Protection of the growing coastal populations, especially in the Great Harbour Cities of Africa.
  • Effective management of living marine resources.
  • Mitigation of natural disasters and extreme events and the impacts of climate change.

Location of GOOS Africa

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