Data Management

The vision of the OCG data and metadata team is to provide frictionless data flow to uniform ‘end points’ for inclusion into a federated OCG data network.

This includes liaising and collaborating with the international data community to ensure the OCG federated network system boundary is seamless to global stakeholders and to continue evolving towards greater efficiency in data flow across the OCG networks.

Goals of the OCG Data Management task team:

  • FAIR  compliance of metadata, data and data services across all OCG networks
  • Federated end point of distributed services for OCG data
  • Data/Metadata are discoverable and harvestable 
  • Data/Metadata are available through identified global repositories
  • Data are fully documented and required metadata is available through OceanOPS
  • Quality data are available in near real time from the GTS and/or other data access services
  • Data/Metadata are properly archived and citable

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