Expert Team on Operational Ocean Forecast Systems (ETOOFS)

The Expert Team on Operational Ocean Forecast Systems (ETOOFS) enables worldwide use of timely and reliable ocean forecasts for applications in national security, environmental protection and the maritime economy. It is a vital operational link between GOOS observing networks and weather and ocean services delivered through WMO and IOC.

These services include search and rescue, oil spill monitoring, storm surge forecasting, ocean current and wave forecasting, and renewable marine energy and aquaculture development.

Implementing Operational Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Systems

Get our guide on Implementing Operational Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Systems.

A result of the cooperation between 51 institution from 18 countries worldwide, and the participation of 80 authors, this guide provides an overview of the entire value chain of an operational ocean monitoring and forecasting system and presents international standards and best practices for setting up such a service.


“ETOOFS provides states and organizations with high-level standards, support and guidance for developing efficient, reliable and interoperable ocean monitoring and forecasting systems – essential prerequisites for tackling climatic, environmental and societal challenges.”

Pierre Bahurel, Chair, ETOOFS

ETOOFS activities

  • Manage and maintain guide, scope and requirement documents for countries providing ocean forecasting services.
  • Manage and maintain an overview of active operational ocean forecasting systems.
  • Manage and promote the adoption of an international standard to support interoperability and common formatting of ocean forecast products and services.
  • Guide and initiate actions contributing to improving operational ocean prediction system efficiency, fidelity and service quality.
  • Promote and facilitate support for, and development of, operational and forecasting systems and their adoption in the wider community.
  • Provide advice on operational ocean forecasting systems related matters and prepare submissions on the requirements of operational ocean forecasting systems operated by countries to other international groups.
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