GOOS Regional Alliances

GOOS unifies national observing systems to meet national needs, strengthen connections through learning and sharing, and make a greater set of ocean observations available to a global community.

Our Regional Alliances (GRAs) integrate these national needs into regional systems and deliver the benefits of GOOS’s strategy, structure, and programmes at a regional, national and finally global level.

“We are pleased to be able to play such a vital role in observing the ocean and to contribute substantially to one of GOOS’s key implementing frameworks.”

R Venkatesan PhD, 2020-2021 Chair of GOOS Regional Alliances (GRA) Council, GOOS National Focal Point

GRAs are coalitions of nations and/or institutions that share GOOS principles and goals, but are mostly concerned with local priorities and organized around ocean basins or coastal environments.

Different regions of the globe are represented by 15 GRAs, emphasizing regional priorities, differing by need, resources and culture. These interact with each other to learn and share best practice in implementing observing systems.

Some GRAs emphasize data sharing or regional capacity development. Others are building out extensive observation systems with dedicated marine service goals such as oil spill response capabilities or typhoon forecasting.

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