OceanOPS takes the pulse of the observing system and provides tools to assess its current and future state.

This means monitoring and reporting on the status of the global ocean observing system and networks, supporting efficient observing system operations and enabling the transmission and timely exchange of high quality metadata.

OceanOPS also assists free and unrestricted data delivery to users in operational services, climate and ocean health.

Currently, OceanOPS tracks over 100,000 observations coming from the global networks a day.

OceanOPS’ five goals

  1. Monitoring to improve the global ocean observing system performance.
  2. Leading metadata standardization and integration across the global
    ocean observing networks
  3. Supporting and enhancing the operations of the global ocean observing
  4. Enabling new data streams and networks.
  5. Shaping the OceanOPS infrastructure for the future.
Still from the OceanOPS application.
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