Expert panels

Three expert panels supply the GOOS Steering Committee with scientific advice and expertise that underpins GOOS’s strategic goals.

Within its discipline, each expert panel is responsible for:

  • Identifying and setting requirements for EOVs.
  • Developing sampling requirements and implementation strategies.
  • Guiding evaluations and assessment of the system.

Physics and climate

Focuses on physical processes and their role in forecasting ocean conditions inc. circulation patterns, interactions with the atmosphere and heat transport and storage.

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Aims to establish the qualitative and quantitative role of the marine carbon and biogeochemistry system and its impact on climate and ocean life.

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Biology and ecosystems

Provides a better, clearer understanding of ocean ecosystems and helps create a fit-for-purpose global biological and ecosystem observation network.

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Where next?

Read our Framework for Ocean Observing

Guides our implementation of an integrated and sustained ocean observing system to deliver maximum impact for our user base and society.

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