Observations Coordination Group Team

The OCG team consists of the leadership of all the GOOS networks and the OCG Executive Committee.

The OCG meets annually with network leadership and reports on progress to the GOOS Steering Committee and WMO Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM).

The OCG Executive Committee (OCG Exec) is the body that oversees the development and implementation of the OCG Work Plan, managing resources, inter-sessional activities, communication with the OCG, and relationship with other bodies.

The OCG Executive Members provide and ensure a wide range of expertise and scientific, technical and programmatic insight to OCG. Executive Members are made up of selected representatives with appropriate range of expertise, and to maintain appropriate geographical and gender representation.

The OCG Exec membership includes:

  • David Legler – Chair
  • Jon Turton – Vice-Chair WMO and Technology
  • Juliet Hermes – Vice-Chair for Standards and Best Practices
  • Kevin O’Brien – Vice-Chair for Data and Information
  • Emma Heslop – IOC/GOOS Secretariat support
  • Lars Peter Riishojgaard – WMO Secretariat support
  • Dominique Berod – WMO representative
  • Zulfikar Begg – Capacity Development TT Leader
  • Mathieu Belbeoch – OceanOPS
  • Ann Christine Zinkann – NOAA Support
  • YU Ting (Julia) – IOC/GOOS Secretariat support

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