Established: March 2009

Type: National Systems

Membership: 17 Federal agencies, 11 U.S. IOOS Regional Associations

Contact: Carl Gouldman, Director (Federal). Vice Chair of GRAs.


The U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) is a national-regional partnership working to provide new tools and forecasts to improve safety, enhance the economy, and protect our environment. Integrated ocean information is now available in near real time, as well as retrospectively. Easier and better access to this information is improving our ability to understand and predict coastal events – such as storms, wave heights, and sea level change. Such knowledge is needed for everything from retail to development planning.


Interagency Ocean Observing Committee (IOOC) with 3 Co-Chairs responsible for implementing procedural, technical, and scientific requirements. National Program Office (U.S. IOOS/NOAA) with Director and staff serves as overall coordinator of U.S. IOOS activities.


  • Improve predictions of climate change and weather and their effects on coastal communities and the nation.
  • Improve the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.
  • More effectively mitigate the effects of natural hazards.
  • Improve national and homeland security.
  • Reduce public health risks.
  • More effectively protect and restore healthy coastal ecosystems.
  • Enable the sustained.

Location of U.S. IOOS

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