Established: 1998

Type: Network of regional organization

Membership: 21 Pacific Island Countries and Territories & 5 Metropolitan Members: Australia, France, New-Zealand, United Kingdom & Unites States. Chair: Mr. Kosi Latu

Contact: R. Duncan McIntosh, Secretariat

Phone: +685 21929 Ext 334


PI-GOOS aims to raise the awareness of, and support for ocean observing systems in the Pacific Islands region. We also aim to identify and address gaps in the Pacific Ocean observing network.


An Advisory Committee comprising of donors and partners from across the Pacific region.


  • Provide and improve seasonal predictions of weather and climate, and their impact on Pacific Island Communities.
  • Provide base data for longer term predictions of weather and climate influenced by climate change.
  • Raise awareness and use of the ocean observing system in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Coordinate between other ocean and climate projects in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Facilitate support of the ocean observing system and associated deployments from Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

Location of PI-GOOS

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