GOOS at the heart of the Ocean Decade

Our observations and predictions are the foundation of much of the exciting work the Ocean Decade. Getting the right data and information, to the right people, at the right time, is key for all Decade Challenges. If we don’t have ocean observations underpinning our decisions, we might as well be guessing at solutions.

The Ocean Decade provides a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for nations to work together to generate the global ocean science needed to support a sustainable ocean and inform adaptation, mitigation and emergency responses in a changing climate.

Ocean Observing Co-Design, Observing Together and CoastPredict are GOOS’s three Ocean Decade Programmes that aim to actively drive the transformation needed to achieve the Ocean Decade outcomes and enhance the global observing system.

GOOS Ocean Decade Programmes

Read more on the Programme webpages and check out our YouTube playlist.

Ocean Observing Co-Design

Creating the partnerships, process, and infrastructure to evolve ocean observing, co-designed with key stakeholders, and delivering the data we need for the future we want.

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Observing Together

Transforming ocean data access and availability by connecting community and national initiatives to the global system, going further to make every observation count.

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Revolutionising Global Coastal Ocean observing and forecasting, co-designing the needed infrastructure and offering open and free access to coastal information.

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Collaboration for a common challenge

The planning process has already deepened partnerships between organisations and endorsed Ocean Decade Programmes.

Many of these have roots in GOOS, including the Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS), the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy, and the Ocean Practices for the Decade. Our partners Marine Life 2030 and the Ocean Biomolecular Observing Network (BOON) will transform how we observe ocean biology and ecosystems, and ForeSea will turn observations into actionable information by extending ocean prediction capacity of the future. We look forward to working with Programmes addressing coastal resilience and multiple stressors on ocean ecosystems, as well as connecting to many ocean observing projects like OneArgo, Global GO-SHIP, AniBOS, and Odyssey. Together we can address the Ocean Decade’s challenge to “Ensure a sustainable ocean observing system across all ocean basins that delivers accessible, timely, and actionable data and information to all users.”

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