Ocean Observing Co-Design

The practice of co-design is highlighted as a necessity for success in the Ocean Decade and delivering the information we need for a sustainable healthy ocean and resilient communities in the future.

Co-design is about working with end-users of ocean information, be they climate negotiators, fishing communities or early warning systems, in collaboration with ocean observing, modelling and forecasting services, to understand what information is needed by whom, in order to design an observing system that can deliver it effectively. 

By 2030, Ocean Observing Co-Design will have advanced the maturity and robustness of global ocean observing and forecasting. We will have tools in place that allow funders to ask key questions about cost and benefit and receive clear answers so that investment can be targeted to have optimal benefit for society.

Latest programme news

Supporter Forums | November 2022 – February 2023

The Programme recently ran a series of ‘Supporter Forums’ to engage a range of individuals and organisations to initiate the collaborations that will be needed for successful co-design. This series of meetings with key actors also aims to launch conversations about how funding can be secured for these transformative activities.

You can note your interest to interact with the Programme / Exemplar Projects using this form.

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