CoastPredict will revolutionise Global Coastal Ocean observation and forecasting, offering open and free access to coastal information and predictions.

Reducing risks and improving lives requires us to understand the coastal natural system as well as respond to ways in which climate change is affecting coastal populations.

With increasing coastal urbanisation, cities and megacities, there is greater need for advanced monitoring and predictions of extreme events such as flooding as well as pollution, habitat health and other hazards.

“CoastPredict is a co-designed transformative response to science and societal needs.”

The Global Coastal Ocean concept at the centre of CoastPredict considers all coastal ocean regions as an interface area. A coastal focus will engage island nations and indigenous or local people, inspire early career ocean professionals and be embraced by the general public. 

CoastPredict will offer us an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the Global Coastal Ocean, including the urban ocean, from short timescale events to climate change. It will result in integrated coastal and open ocean observing and modelling systems and improved, multidisciplinary and extended range predictive capability for the coastal zone.

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