Capacity Development

The Capacity Development Groups vision is to achieve a global network of observing systems which integrate regional needs through sharing capacity, knowledge, technology and skills. The Capacity development team has focused on their webinar series and will expand in the future.

Goals of the OCG Capacity Development task team:

  • Assist in filling knowledge gaps around observing system implementation, data management and access, standards and best practices, end user products and communication;
  • Improve awareness and level of technical capability in ocean observing through e.g., sensor/instrument/platform donations and hands-on experiences;
  • Increase number of scientists and experts from non-represented countries (including SIDS, LDC) and foster their engagement in OCG networks;
  • Coordinate development of knowledge products, communication, educational and awareness campaigns;
  • Mobilize resources required to support capacity development activities;
  • Act as the focal point for OCG to interact with other international capacity development efforts;
  • Continue to assess the impact and be responsive to the feedback of capacity development activities organised through the networks and this task team.

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