Dialogues with Industry

In September 2022 – January 2023, The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), Marine Technology Society (MTS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and industry partners organized an Ocean Decade action – a forum for compact and meaningful dialogue with new and established companies, academia, and government.

Through a successful and thriving mix of the public and private technologies and players, Dialogues with Industry aimed to dismantle barriers and highlight opportunities towards achieving a mature, vibrant ocean observing enterprise.

Outcome: Actionable recommendations on how the commercial, government, and scientific sectors can deploy the next generation Global Ocean Observing System to meet the needs of the Blue Economy.

Dialogues with Industry aim to:

  • Define principals for engagement around issues such as open data
  • Mature the market, enabling more rapid market growth, speed of new technology implementation and lowering the cost of ocean information service delivery
  • Develop mechanisms for information sharing across government, science and industry
  • Lower barriers and highlight opportunities to act together for mutual benefit

Key topics

  • Dialogue 1 Instrument provision: Supply and development of sensors and platforms
  • Dialogue 2 Multi-sectoral ocean architecture: Integrating new observing networks and business models
  • Dialogue 3 User driven ocean information services: Core and downstream services
  • Dialogue 4 Looking ahead: New technology for the Ocean Decade


Each dialogue was carried out in a format of a 3 hour facilitated discussion which had a moderator, participants and observers.

Around 25 participants were invited to attend each dialogue and represent the public and private sectors along with specific disciplines for each session. The moderator interacted with the participants via discussion and chat functions, and the participants also provided their input to the post-dialogue report. 

Almost 500 observers participated in the dialogues through the chat function and then verbally during the last 40 minutes of each dialogue. 

Organizing committee

Emma Heslop (GOOS / IOC-UNESCO), Donna Kocak (MTS / L3Harris), Zdenka Willis (MTS), Liz Tirpak (NOAA), Peer Fietzek (Kongsberg Discovery), Indi Hodgson-Johnson (Integrated Marine Observing System), Michelle Heupel (Integrated Marine Observing System), Ralph Raynor (London School of Economics), Boris Kelly-Gerreyn (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), R Venkatesen (MTS India), Sebastien Boulay (SoFar), Monica Ostrander (MTS), Laura Stukonyte (GOOS / IOC-UNESCO) 

What’s next?

The Final Synthesis Report is out!

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Roadmap (29 January 2024)
Synthesis Report (21 June 2023)
Background paper
Dialogue 1: 14 September, 2022
Report | Recording
Dialogue 2: 13 October, 2022 
Report | Recording
Dialogue 3: 
7 December, 2022
Report | Recording
Dialogue 4: 11 January, 2023
Report | Recording

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