GOOS Documents

GOOS National Reports 2007

Reports submitted by national representatives to the I-GOOS-VIII meeting in June 2007, in the original language. Please contact Albert Fischer with questions.

Elections to the I-GOOS Board for 2007-2009

Candidate Statements for the I-GOOS Board Elections for 2007-2009

Outreach PPTs

Power Point Presentations for Outreach and Education. GOOS Outreach is served by presentations given by our members at meetings across the world. Within this category will be found powerpoints and other presentation materials which may be used by anyone wishing to represent the goals of GOOS.


Organisational documents

Focal Point Nominations

All nominations received in response to CL 2666, call for nominations for focal points for GOOS, JCOMM, GLOSS, Argo, SOT and DBCP, and in response to CL 2931, update or nominate GOOS National Focal Points as needed.

GOOS Steering Committee Resources

Documents and resources for use by the GOOS Steering Committee

ETOOFS Key Documents

ETOOFS Key Documents

ETOOFS Videos and presentations

ETOOFS Videos and presentations

GOOS Presentations

A collection of powerpoint presentations given on behalf of GOOS, usually by representatives of the GOOS-SC. Arranged in chronological order, these presentations can be useful resources for preparation of new presentations. Any new GOOS presentations should be offered to the GOOS Secretariat for inclusion in this list.

Recent Publications

Publications about GOOS from the GOOS community


Documents concerning PI-GOOS organization. Not to include all PI-GOOS activity reports.

PICO Session Reports

TWA Programme Document List

Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme Documents

GOOS BioEco Panel Documents

BioEco Reports

PICO Background Documents

GOOS Meeting Reports and Major Publications

GOOS Official Agreements & Communications

GOOS agreements and communications include the official governing documents for GOOS, including relevant Terms of Reference of GOOS and its working groups and panels.

GOOS Outreach

Outreach, Publicity, Advocacy for the GOOS programs. Press Releases.

GRA Documents

GRA Documents

GOOS Essential Ocean Variable Specification Sheets

This list includes the EOV specification sheets developed by the GOOS Expert Panels
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