GRA: Black Sea GOOS


Established: July, 2001

Type: Association

Membership: Institutions from 6 Black Sea countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine

Contact: Atanas Palazov, Executive Secretary, Institute of Oceanology (Varna)

Phone: +359 897 868 538


The Black Sea GOOS is a local association formed by the Black Sea riparian countries in order to foster operational oceanography in the region and set up links with other regional and global organizations with similar objectives.


Black Sea GOOS is governed by an Executive Committee, made up of representatives from each member country, one Chairperson and an Executive Secretary. The Executive Committee executes the decisions made at the Annual Meeting, prepares cooperation plans and proposes activities. The Committee meets annually.


  • To contribute to international planning and implementation of GOOS and to promote it globally.
  • To identify regional priorities for the use of operational oceanography.
  • To cooperate with the Black Sea Environmental Programme (BSEP), the Permanent Secretariat of the Black Sea Commission (Secretariat for the Bucharest Convention) and other relevant bodies, to harmonize oceanographic activities in the region.
  • To develop capacity of the regional countries and promote the level to sustain GOOS activities.
  • To promote the development of technology and computer systems for operational oceanography.
  • To facilitate a network for real and/or near time data exchange by members.
  • To provide high quality data and time series for a better understanding of, and improving of, the Black Sea ecosystem.
  • To find the means to ensure the most effective use of existing technologies related to operational oceanography and marine meteorology.
  • To assess the economic and social benefits from operational oceanography.

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