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Report of the Twelfth Session of the GOOS Scientific Steering Committee, held in Perth (Australia) on 25-27 February 2009 Edited: Tom Gross, GOOS Programme Office
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Notes The 12th session of the IOC-WMO-UNEP-ICSU Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Ocean Observing System (GSSC), was held in Perth Australia, on 25-27 February, 2009. The Second session of the Panel for Integrated Coastal Observations, PICO II, met 24-26 February and in joint session with GSSC-II on February 26. The GSSC-II reviewed open ocean implementation progress and data management programmes. A GSSC working group evaluated the implications of GODAE Ocean VIEW involvement with GSSC and concluded that close cooperation with the JCOMM ETOOFS was necessary. The relationship of GSSC with GEO/GEOSS was discussed in plenary and working groups, with a recommendation that I-OOS be requested to directly support higher level representation of GOOS. A recommendation was made to support the submission of the resolution to IOC-XXV for the adoption of the new Equation of State for seawater, TEOS-10. Joint session with PICO II approved the progress toward drafting a comprehensive coastal implementation plan.
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