TEOS-10 Summary for Policy Makers

The International Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater – 2010: A scientific summary for policy makers.

This booklet describes the new standards for interpretation of salinity, temperature and pressure of seawater to derive fundamental quantities such as density, speed of sound, heat capacity of seawater. 

The previous “Equation of State of Seawater” involved empirical polynomial expansions for the equations needed to evaluate the properties of Seawater.  The new TEOS-10 places the calculations on firm theoretical ground, using the latest in thermodynamic and chemistry sciences to expand and improve the range of application of the equation of state.  Now the properties of seawater may be evaluated from fresh water to brackish saline pond and from the point of evaporation to the pressures at tens of kilometers depth.

Download PDF: Summary for Policy Makers

Download PDF: TEOS-10 Manual

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