Implementation of Multi-disciplinary Sustained Ocean Observations Workshop

8 – 10 Feb 2017, North Miami, United States of America


Kovens Conference Center
Florida International University
Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 N.E. 151st Street

North Miami, FL 33181-3000
United States

Organisers and Staff

Dr. Albert Fischer
Dr. Jay Pearlman
Eric Lindstrom
Dr. Mark Bourassa
Dr. David Legler
Dr Bernadette Sloyan
Dr. Maciej Telszewski
Mr. Bob Houtman
Dr. Katherine (Katy) Hill
Dr. Patricia Miloslavich
Toste Tanhua
Dr. Nic Bax
Dr. Samantha Simmons

Report Documents

Code Title
GOOS-223 Report of the Workshop on the Implementation of Multidisciplinary Sustained Ocean Observations

Event Documents

Code Title
IMSOO - Demonstration Theme 1: Plankton Community Changes - Breakout presentations combined
IMSOO - Demonstration Theme 2: Oxygen Minimum Zones - Breakout presentations combined
IMSOO - Demonstration Theme 3: Open Ocean, Shelf and Coastal Ocean Interactions - Breakout presentations combined

Background Documents

Code Title
IOC/INF-1284 rev. A Framework for Ocean Observing
IMSOO List of Participants
IMSOO Demonstration Theme 1 - Plankton community changes
IMSOO Demonstration Theme 2 - OMZs
IMSOO Demonstration Theme 3 - Open ocean-shelf interactions
IMSOO Logistics
IMSOO Demonstration Theme Breakout Groups
IMSOO Agenda - 20170202
IMSOO Breakout Session Instructions
IMSOO workshop projects facilities and networks
IMSOO Letter to participants

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 13
Confirmed 50
Not Confirmed 0
Not-participating 0
Total 63
Groups: , GOOS, GOOS Biogeochemistry Panel (IOCCP), GOOS Biology & Ecosystems Panel, GOOS Regional Alliances, IOC
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