Eighth GOOS Regional Forum Meeting

5 – 7 Sep 2017, Singapore, Singapore


Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore
18 Kent Ridge Road


Organisers and Staff

Tim Moltmann
Dr. Albert Fischer
Mr Wenxi Zhu
Forest Collins
Mr. Denis Chang Seng

Report Documents

Code Title
GOOS-227 Eighth Session of the GOOS Regional Alliance Forum (GRF-VIII)

Agenda Documents

Agenda Code Title
1. GRFVIII-D1/P0-Singapore’s Marine Science Research and Development Programme (MSRDP)
1. GRFVIII-D1/P01-Ocean Agenda, IOC, and GOOS Regional Alliances
1. GRFVIII-D1/P02-OceanGliders - Global coordination and the role of GRA’s
1. GRFVIII-D1/P03-Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON)
2. GRA Background Report-OCEATLAN
2. GRA Background Report-IMOS
2. GRA Background Report-EURO GOOS
2. GRA Background Report-PI-GOOS
2. GRA Background Report-IOGOOS
2. GRA Background Report-MONGOOS
2. GRA Background Report-IOCAFRICA-GOOS
2. GRA Background Report-NEARGOOS
2. GRA Background Report-IOCARIBE GOOS
2. GRA Background Report-U.S.IOOS
2. GRA Report Black Sea GOOS
2. GRFVIII-D2/P01-GOOS Strategy 2017-2027
2. GRFVIII-D2/P02-G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans
2. GRFVIII-D2/P03-GRA Reports
2. GRFVIII-D2/P04-The South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON)
2. GRFVIII-D2/P05-Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System
2. GRFVIII-D2/P06-India’s Ocean Observation Network (OON)
2. GRFVIII-D2/P08-GRA Pilot Projects-MESCAT
2. GRFVIII-D2/P07-Blue Planet-Projects of Relevance to the GOOS Regional Alliances
2. GRFVIII-D2/P09-GRA Pilot Projects-Pacific waves and coastal inundation
2. GRFVIII-D2/P10-GRA Pilot Projects-Multipurpose Marine Monitoring Mechanism (4M)
2. GRFVIII-D2/P11-New partnerships #3 GRA’s, Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs), and a few more
3. GRFVIII-D3/P01-Observations Coordination Group (OCG) – standards and best practices
3. GRFVIII-D3/P02-Task Team for integrated Marine meteorological and Oceanographic Services within WIS (TT-MOWIS)
3. GRFVIII-D3/P03-High Frequency Radar – global coordination and the role of GRAs
3. GRFVIII-D3/P04-Modelling and Forecasting-GOOS Physics Panel (OOPC) and links to GODAE OceanView
3. GRFVIII-D3/P05-GRA Forum VIII_Chair meeting orientation slides

Event Documents

Code Title
GOOS Regional Forum 8 (Singapore) presentation shared drive

Background Documents

Code Title
GOOS-SC-6/Doc. 3 The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Strategy 2017-2027 DRAFT
Agenda GRA Forum VIII
Logistics Document (GRA Forum VIII)

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 5
Confirmed 20
Not Confirmed 0
Not-participating 16
Total 25
Groups: GOOS, GOOS Regional Alliances
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