Third meeting of the GOOS Executive Committee Meeting

11 Feb 2017, Miami, United States of America


Miami, FL
United States

Organisers and Staff


Adoption of Agenda


GOOS Strategy




Developing capacity



Report Documents

Code Title
GOOS-221 Report of the 2017 meeting of the GOOS Steering Committee Executive

Agenda Documents

Agenda Code Title
0 GOOS SC Exec 3 (2017) Agenda
1 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 1 Draft GOOS Strategy 2017-2021
2 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 2 Preparations for OceanObs'19
3 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 3.1 Plan for EOV manuscript
3 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 3.2 Future / emerging EOVs: noise, marine contaminants and pollution
3 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 3.3 Acoustic Environment
3 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 3.4 Human pressure variables
4 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 4 Challenges for global ocean observation: the need for human capacity
5 GOOS-Exec-3/Doc 5 Partnerships

Event Documents

Code Title
GOOS Capacity Development

Background Documents

Code Title
GOOS-218 Report of the Fifth Meeting of the Global Ocean Observing System Steering Committee (GOOS SC-5)
GOOS-219 GOOS Cross-Panel Workshop: Decisions and Actions summary
GOOS-218/219 actions Actions list from GOOS SC-5 and Cross-Panel Workshop
Draft Acoustic Environment EOV specification sheet
GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel: Summary of Activities (June 2016-January 2017)

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 0
Confirmed 15
Not Confirmed 0
Not-participating 2
Total 15
Groups: , GOOS, GOOS Biogeochemistry Panel (IOCCP), GOOS Biology & Ecosystems Panel, GOOS Regional Alliances
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