2018 GOOS Cross-Panel and Exec

GOOS Cross-Panel & GOOS Executive Committee Meeting

28 Feb – 3 Mar 2018, Hobart, Australia


CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Tasmania
Marine Laboratories
Castray Esplanade
GPO BOx 1538

Hobart Tasmania 7001

Organisers and Staff

Dr. Albert Fischer
Mr. Ward Appeltans
Dr. Maciej Telszewski
Dr. Katherine (Katy) Hill
Dr. Patricia Miloslavich
Dr. Nic Bax
Dr. Artur Palacz
Mr. Michael Ott

Cross-panel meeting


Objective: reconcile descriptions of operational and research branches of value chain


Objective: integrated list of Applications and Scientific Questions


Harmonizing phenomena


A pragmatic approach to the Strategic Mapping and EOV spec sheets

Report Documents

Code Title
GOOS-228 Report of the GOOS Cross-Panel 2018 Meeting

Agenda Documents

Agenda Code Title
1 GOOS Cross-Panel and Executive Meetings: final agenda
1.3 The Global Ocean Observing System: Harmonizing Phenomena
1.4 GOOS Strategic Mapping
2 GOOS 2030 Strategy
2 Elements of a GOOS five-year Implementation Plan (Feb 2018)
2 GOOS and JCOMM core staffing
2 GOOS 2030 Strategy on one page

Event Documents

Code Title
GOOS Cross-Panel: Motivation, objectives, anticipated outcomes
GOOS Cross-Panel: Strategic Mapping and GOOS Strategy
GOOS Cross-Panel: Strategic Mapping status and plans
GOOS Cross-Panel: Phenomena

Background Documents

Code Title
Harmonizing GOOS requirements setting process
GOOS Strategic Mapping

Other Documents

Code Title
GOOS Cross-Panel 2018 Logistics Document
INSEAD team effectiveness model - presentation
INSEAD team effectiveness model - worksheet
Hobart hotel suggestions

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 8
Confirmed 21
Not Confirmed 1
Not-participating 0
Total 30
Groups: , GOOS, GOOS Biogeochemistry Panel (IOCCP), GOOS Biology & Ecosystems Panel, GOOS Regional Alliances
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