EOOS Operations Committee

[ONLINE] EOOS Operations Committee Meeting

24 – 25 Nov 2020,


The meeting will be held virtually

Organisers and Staff

Dr. Inga Lips
Dr. Glenn Nolan
Dr. Emma Heslop
Dr Ana Lara-Lopez

Event Documents

Code Title
1. EOOS_Overview
2. GOOS_and_EOOS
3. EuroSea Overview
4. EC Ocean Observations Initiative
5. Ocean Decade
6. EOOS OC Intro to Breakouts
7. EOOS OC Breakout summary

Background Documents

Code Title
EOOS Strategy 2018-2022
EOOS Operations Committee Annotated Agenda
EOOS Terms of Reference - XX 2020

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 4
Confirmed 39
Not Confirmed 8
Not-participating 1
Total 51
Group: GOOS
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