Twelve Observation Coordinating Group Meeting (OCG-12) - VIRTUAL

17 – 19 May 2021,

The twelve Observation Coordinating Group (OCG-12) Meeting, will be held  through a series of virtual  online sessions from 18 - 20 May 2021. Updates from the intersessional work will be discussed and new objectives set, plus new actions discussed for inclusion in the OCG work plan.

OCG-12 Meeting Agenda here.

The Observation Coordination Group will also host a series of 5 virtual OCG-12 Workshops in the week precessed the OCG-12 session - from 10-14 May 2021. Input from the workshops will be presented at the OCG-12.

OCG-12 Workshop timetable is here


Event Documents

Code Title
OceanOPS Work Plan Towards 2021-2025 Strategic Plan
The Argo Program
The GOOS Observation Coordination Group
Ocean Gliders
Biology and Ecosystems Panel
Global HF Radar Network
International Research Ship Operators
WMO Data Policy, the Global Basic Observing Network and the Systematic Observations Financing Facility
Toward enhanced communication between observational and modeling communities
Ocean Observation Physics and Climate panel (OOPC)
Shipboard Ocean Time Series as part of OCG
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP)
Data and Metadata
Ship Observations Team (SOT)
OCG-12 Day 1 Discussion Points
OCG Environmental Stewardship Workshop
OCG-12 Day 2 Discussion Points

Background Documents

Code Title
OceanOPS Financial Report
Report Card Review
Report Card - Networks status
Standards and Best Practices report May 2021 OCG 12
Group: GOOS
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