Eleventh Session of the GOOS Steering Committee (Online)

24 – 28 April 2022,

NOTE: There is no session on Wednesday, 27 April 

GOOS Steering Committee final decisions and priorities meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 May. All documents and information related to this final single session can be found at the working agenda linked above.

Working Agenda (this document is updated as new information becomes available and contains links to everything needed for the meeting, including link to join the meeting, all scheduling information including pre-session reports, background documentation and presentations)

The pdf agenda linked under the documents section of this site is to allow access to colleagues unable to connect to the above working agenda in google docs and is only updated periodically.



Event Documents

Code Title
Reports from GOOS components AtlantOS
Reports from GOOS components
Reports from GOOS components Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS)
OCG Network Reports – April 2022
Reports from GOOS components Observations Coordination Group
Reports from GOOS components, ETOOFS
GOOS Task Team on Ocean Indicators
GOOS PhilanthropyMessage
A communication and coordination service for marine biogeochemistry
GOOS Governance Process TT
GOOS Governance Process TT Meeting 2
GOOS SC-11 Introduction
GOOS SC-11 OCG Update
GOOS SC-11 BioEco Portal
GOOS SC-11 IODE Update
GOOS SC-11 Introduction of the New Steering Committee Member
Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Observing
GOOS SC-11 Ocean Observing Co-Design Workshop
Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (IMDOS) - from vision to implementation
CLIVAR-GOOS Workshop From Global to Local
The Value of Informed Decisions with EOVs
GOOS SC-11: Implementation Plan & Questions from the Components
GOOS SC-11: EOV Paper presentation
GOOS Communications Strategy Presentation
International Science Council Presentation General
The Global Environment Monitoring System for the Ocean and Coasts (GEMS Ocean) Programme

Background Documents

Code Title
GOOS Communications Discovery Report
GOOS Communications Strategy presentation
Making the case for a rebrand
GOOS SC-11: Implementation Plan report
Agenda Eleventh Session of the GOOS Steering Committee

Other Documents

Code Title
Proposal for the Establishment of an Ocean Decade Coordination Office
Group: GOOS
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