Twelfth Session of the GOOS Steering Committee + Exec Meeting

25 – 28 Apr 2023, Halifax, Canada

GOOS SC-12 will take place 25 - 27 April 2023

GOOS Exec meeting will take place on 28 April 2023




1355 Oxford Street
Halifax Nova Scotia B3H4R2

Organisers and Staff

Event Documents

Code Title
Meeting objectives: Reporting by SO
GOOS Project Updates: Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS) PPT
GOOS Project Updates: AtlantOS PPT
GOOS Project Updates: DOOS PPT
GOOS Project Updates: OBPS PPT
GOOS Project Updates: SmartCable PPT
GOOS Sponsors: IOC PPT
GOOS Sponsors: WMO PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO5 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO6 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO7 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO1 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO2 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO3 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO4 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO8 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO9 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO10 PPT
Strategic Objective Reporting: SO11 PPT
GOOS & Ocean Decade: CoastPredict PPT
GOOS & Ocean Decade: Co-Design PPT
GOOS & Ocean Decade: Ocean Integration PPT
GOOS & Ocean Decade: DITTO PPT
GOOS & Ocean Decade: DCO PPT
Ocean Decade Vision 2030 PPT
NFP ToR Update PPT
Project Proposal IMDOS
SC Membership Renewal
WMO Connections Update
GOOS Components: GOOS Office PPT
GOOS Component Presentation: OCG
GOOS Components: OOPC PPT
GOOS Components: BGC PPT
GOOS Components: BioEco PPT
GOOS Components: GRAs PPT
Task Team to Advance the Development of an Arctic GRA PPT

Background Documents

Code Title
GOOS-249 A Roadmap for the Implementation of the Global Ocean Observing System 2030 Strategy
GOOS-282 Dialogues with Industry - Draft Synthesis
Agenda Item 6.6 Ocean Decade Vision 2030: setting a collective strategic ambition for the Ocean Decade Challenges - Concept Note on Framework Methodology
Logistics GOOS SC-12
Agenda Item 7 OOPC Terms of Reference
Agenda Item 9 GOOS Components Report: OOPC
Agenda Item 12 GOOS Projects Report: DOOS
Agenda Item 12 GOOS Projects Report: TPOS 2020
Agenda Item 7.2 GOOS National Focal Point ToR
Agenda Item 6.5 Ocean Integration: The Needs and Challenges of Effective Coordination Within the Ocean Observing System
GOOS Component Reports - Compiled
Agenda Item 7 New Project proposal for Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (IMDOS)
Agenda Item 9 CIOOS GRA Information
Agenda Item 9 CIOOS Implementation Plan
Agenda Item 9 CIOOS Strategic Plan
Agenda Item 9 GOOS Components Report: GRAs
Agenda Item 9 DRAFT ToR of Arctic GRA Task Team
GOOS SC-12 Timetable and Agenda

Other Documents

Code Title
TEMPLATE: GOOS Project Flash Report PPT
TEMPLATE: GOOS Component Presentation PPT
TEMPLATE: GOOS SC-12 Component Written Report
TEMPLATE: GOOS SC-12 Sponsors Report PPT

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 0
Confirmed 46
Not Confirmed 2
Not-participating 8
Total 48
Groups: GOOS, IOC, OOS
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