Thirteenth Session of GOOS Steering Committee

14 – 17 Apr 2024, Spain


  • Discuss progress on GOOS
  • Steer priority activities of GOOS
  • Examine and explore how co-sponsors and other entities can engage with and support GOOS and vice versa
  • Form ambition for digital (data and metadata)  across GOOS

Agenda and background documents will be uploaded when available. 


For enquiries:
Joanna Post [] , cc Emma Heslop []. 

For logistical enquiries: Forest Collins []



Organisers and Staff

Dr Joanna Post
Forest Collins
Dr Ting Yu
Dr. Emma Heslop
Dr Emily Smith



Proposed procedures and definitions for the management of GOOS projects


Regional and national planning, engagement and support


Communications including Ocean observations report card


Five Years into the 2030 Strategy—What Should the Next 5 Years Bring?


Priority activities and next steps

Agenda Documents

Agenda Code Title
1 SC13 Agenda
10 BioEco Panel Terms of Reference
10 Arctic Task Team revised Terms of Reference
10 Projects update
10 GOOS SC 2024_ OBPS Questions
10 ArcticTT_UpdateApr2024
10 DRAFT_Terms_of_Reference_Arctic_ocean_obs_alliance_TT_March_2024
10 GOOSBioEco_ToR_Governance_review_2023_for_SC_submission.docx_3
2 GOOS SC-13 Meeting: WMO Presentation
2 GOOS SC-13 Meeting: UNEP Presentation
3 GCOS IP 2022
3 WMO G3W Implementation Plan 2024
3 IOC Integrated Ocean Carbon Research Report 2021
3 Presentation: GOOS SC-13 Session 3 - GOOS response to mandates for global ocean carbon implementation plan
4 Biogeochemistry Panel presentation_SC13
4 OOPC Presentation
4 OCG presentation
4 OceanOPS presentation
4 ETOOFS presentation
4 Cross Panel Presentation
4 BioEcoPanel Presentation
5 SC-13 Draft GOOS Projects procedure
6 WG7 Vision 2030 White Paper
6 WG7_Presentation
6 Session 6 - Presentations
6 Part 2_CoastPredict
6 OASIS_15Apr2024
6 GOOS_OARS_GOOD_isensee
6 GOOS SC-13 Decade session
6 Decade Session Part 1: Slide Template
6 DCO Ocean Observing - An overview _ April 15 2024
6 Ocean Observing Poster
7 GRA Report for GOOS Steering Committee
8 SC-13 Ocean Observing Report Card
8 SC-13 Session 8: Communications
9 GOOS-296 GOOS Observations Coordination Group Cross-Network Data Implementation Strategy
9 Science_Policy-connecting-the-world-around-OceanPrediction_KvS
9 OCG_data_GOOS_SC13_OBrien
9 GOOS_SC13_UN_Decade_DSIG_OBrien
9 GOOS SC-13 Data session discussion slides
9 BioEcoPanel Presentation_Session 9
9 BioEco Data brief for SC
9 System Integration: Data Session SC-13

Background Documents

Code Title
GOOS-296 GOOS Observations Coordination Group Cross-Network Data Implementation Strategy
SC-13 Ocean Observing Report Card
SC-13 Steering Committee List of Members
GOOS SC-13 Reporting - Strategic Objectives.docx
GOOS SC-13 TimeTable
SC13 Agenda
Past documentation on GOOS projects
WG7 Vision 2030 White Paper
BioEco Panel 1 page Data Backgrounder
BioEco Panel Terms of Reference
Arctic Task Team revised Terms of Reference

Participant Stats:

Staff and organisers 5
Confirmed 37
Not Confirmed 0
Not-participating 0
Total 42
Groups: GOOS Biology & Ecosystems Panel, GOOS Regional Alliances, IOC, JCOMM, OOPC Panel
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