9th GOOS Regional Alliances Forum: Success, Challenges & Contributions to GOOS 2030 Strategy

At the 9th session of the GOOS Regional Alliance Forum (GRF-IX), held at the JAMSTEC Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, 5-7 August 2019, GRAs reported on their achievements.

Takeshi Kawano, Director-General, Research Institute for Global Change (RIGC), welcomed participants on behalf of the local host, JAMSTEC. Glenn Nolan, the Chair of the GOOS Regional Council led the Forum, which was attended by representatives from ten GRAs, GOOS panel representatives, and other parts of GOOS and observing partners (TPOS, AtlantOS, POGO, MBON, GOA-ON).

GRAs reported on their progress and challenges in the last two years.  IMOS & NEAR-GOOS, for example, reported on key achievements on improving the sampling of data and the development of new databases. IMOS is improving its capacity on event- based sampling by focusing on marine heatwaves using Ocean gliders, whilst NEAR-GOOS has developed a Regional Real-Time and Delayed Mode Data Base. Black SEA GOOS & IOCARIBE reported on successes on improving ocean monitoring, EuroGOOS & U.S. GOOS reported on successes on improving communication and partnership, and SeaGOOS (WESTPAC) & PI-GOOS reported on successes on capacity development.

You can find more information on the success stories here.

The Forum explored how GRAs could benefit and contribute to the GOOS 2030 Strategy, and the development of an Implementation Plan in light of the UN Ocean Decade for Sustainable Development.  GRAs pointed out that the most important ‘thematic’ GOOS 2030 Strategic Objectives (SOs) is deepening impact and engagement, followed by system and integration. Key input and recommendations of GRAs into the GOOS 2030 Strategy on governance highlighted the need to focus on observation coordination and the inclusion of new networks; standards and best practices; sharing and capacity building, work on value chain examples and valuation to GOOS branding and an effective communication approach.

 The Forum discussed and agreed on new GRA priorities and actions centered on: supporting the co-designing of the GOOS implementation plan, GRAs engagement and advocacy on ocean observation, and its contribution at the UN Ocean Science Decade regional planning workshop. The new GRA priorities and actions focus as well on supporting the strengthening and revitalizing of GRAs, in particular GOOS-Africa through the reconstruction of GOOS Africa and its membership, and on the organization of a GOOS-Africa meeting in the near future.  R.Venkatesan from IOGOOS, India, was endorsed at the new GRA Regional Council chairperson succeeding Glenn Nolan from EuroGOOS for the next two years.

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