IOC Assembly Appoints Five New Regional GOOS Representatives

The 28th Session of the IOC Assembly (July 2015) reviewed and approved the Work Plan of GOOS, which included development of GOOS Strategic Mapping and identification of Framework for Ocean Observing elements.

The Assembly also approved scientific oversight, coordination, and innovation activities and projects; improved GOOS Regional Alliance implementation; and increased communication activity focused advocacy for and coordination with the ocean observing community.

The Assembly appointed five regional expert members of the GOOS Steering Committee for 2016-2017. These experts are:

  • Glenn Nolan, Ireland (W. Europe and N. America)
  • Atanas Palazov, Bulgaria (E. Europe)
  • Frederico Nogueira, Brazil (Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Ramasamy Venkatesan, India (Asia-Pacific)
  • Kouadio Affian, Côte d’Ivoire (African and Arab States)

They add to the ten additional experts that form the GOOS Steering Committee, and will start their two-year term of service on 1 January 2016.

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