Maturing the Ocean Enterprise: Dialogues with Industry Roadmap unveiled

The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) proudly announces the release of the Dialogues with Industry Roadmap – a result of the groundbreaking collaboration involving GOOS, the Marine Technology Society (MTS), the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and industry representatives. 

This Roadmap is a significant step towards advancing a robust Ocean Enterprise that is essential to lives and livelihoods and contributes to the global Gross Domestic Product. “The Dialogues with Industry Roadmap marks new pathways for industry and the public sector to collaborate in solving key issues that inhibit the development of an expanded ocean observing system that can deliver the ocean data society will need tomorrow,” states Dr. Emma Heslop, GOOS Programme Specialist.

GOOS strongly supports the public and private sector working together to advance the global ocean observing system to meet societal needs for ocean data. The actions laid out in the Road Map are integrated with GOOS priorities to focus on supporting observing technology development to advance our capacity and meet vital societal questions on climate adaptation, biodiversity and sustainable development, to support global effort around setting standards for the Ocean Enterprise, and to encourage operators and new services based on ocean data.

Developed over the past year, the Roadmap identifies 26 high-priority action pathways across three key areas: Improving the Marketplace, Collaboration for Societal/Governmental Change, and Shaping the Future. 

GOOS, MTS and NOAA, along with representatives from Kongsberg Discovery and L3Harris invite all stakeholders in the Ocean Enterprise, spanning public, private, and academic sectors, to join forces in accelerating the Roadmap’s implementation. Chris Ostrander, CEO of MTS, emphasizes the collective impact, stating, “By collaborating as an enterprise, we can amplify our collective voices and influence the trajectory of the Ocean Enterprise, while also promoting blue investment strategies.” 

As the initiative progresses into 2024, the organizations plan to develop a strategy for implementation and reporting on high-level actions. They commit to releasing an annual Ocean Enterprise Report to transparently track progress and highlight achievements. The emphasis remains on accelerating actions identified by the ocean observing community in the flagship Dialogues with Industry series and collaborating to find innovative solutions for tackling the ocean’s most pressing challenges. Financial support from NOAA under the Inflation Reduction Act supports this effort to advance the Ocean Enterprise.

Access the Dialogues with Industry Roadmap here.

About GOOS:The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) is the global home of ocean observing expertise and systematic coordination. We lead and support a community of international, regional and national ocean observing programmes, governments, UN agencies, research organizations and individual scientists. Our team of expert panels, observing networks, alliances and projects, supported by the GOOS Management Team, is in touch with ocean observing and forecasting around the world. We are a programme led by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, with UN and science co-sponsors: World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the International Science Council (ISC).

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