OceanObs’19 “Integrated Ocean Observations” breakout sessions

GOOS would like to invite you to join a series of three OceanObs’19 breakout sessions on “Integrated Ocean Observations,” taking place at 14:00 local Hawaii time, Tuesday-Thursday 17-19 September

On Tuesday, September 17, we will start with the session “Integrated Ocean Observations I: Across Geographic Scales” which will aim to develop a set of recommendations on how the global to coastal ocean observing systems can provide information and ocean products that are most useful to society’s needs. Please see the session description and agenda »

On Wednesday, September 18, the session “Integrated Ocean Observations II: Diverse Stakeholder Needs” will discuss how diverse stakeholders can work together to improve and build existing and emerging observing systems under the Framework for Ocean Observing in the next decade. Please see the flyer for a session description and agenda as well as the speaker bios and a list of OceanObs’19 Community White Papers particularly relevant to this session.

The series will conclude on Thursday, September 19 with the breakout session “Integrated Ocean Observations III: Across disciplines and networks,” the goal of which is to provide recommendations on how to fully integrate biological observations into a truly multidisciplinary observing system across all coastal and ocean domains. Please see the invitation flyer, agenda and background document for that session as well.

We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii!

Session Organizers: Eitarou Oka (Univ. Tokyo, Japan), Jack Barth (Oregon State Univ., USA), Patricia Miloslavich (Univ. Tasmania, Australia/Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela), Meghan Cronin (NOAA PMEL, USA), Kim Currie (NIWA, New Zealand), Nic Bax (CSIRO, Australia), Sung Yong Kim (KAIST, South Korea), Artur Palacz (IOCCP, IOPAN, Poland)

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