Reminder: Call for new GOOS Steering Committee Members

GOOS is looking for six new and enthusiastic members to join its Steering Committee.

Extended Deadline for application: Sunday 13 October 2019

This is an exciting time for the Global Ocean Observing System Programme (GOOS): the Ocean Observing community is very active for the OceanObs’19 conference and GOOS has just launched the Global Ocean Observing System 2030 Strategy.

Now the real work of making this ambitious strategy come to life starts. This is an opportunity work towards and shape the future Global Ocean Observing System.

The GOOS Steering committee currently is made up of scientific and technical experts that guide the work of the components of GOOS; observing system requirements through the three expert Panels on Physics and Climate, Biogeochemistry, and BioEco; the work on implementation through the GOOS Regional Alliances (GRAs) and the Observation Coordination Group (OCG); and the work of the GOOS Office. 

The 2030 Strategy calls for much greater partnership, particularly along the value chain from observations to end users, in order to build a responsive and fit for purpose system. GOOS is also aware that a truly global system will require strong commitment to capacity development and involvement across a broader range of nations. Development of a new governance system will also go hand in hand with expanded participation in the observing enterprise. The membership of the Steering Committee needs evolve to encompass these roles. GOOS is seeking enthusiastic and committed experts, who are keen to devote part of their time and energy to this work.

Specifically, we are seeking additional expertise in areas of; communications and advocacy, expertise and influence in raising resources across a number of funding channels, capacity development, delivery of products and services, partnerships, evaluating impact, organisational risk and governance, driving innovation, and the needs of countries at the early stages of developing observing infrastructure. Additional background can be found in the document Designing” the GOOS Steering Committee we need to deliver the Global Ocean Observing System 2030 Strategy presented to the Eighth GOOS Steering Committee Meeting, April 2019.

Membership of the GOOS Steering Committee is for a 2-year renewable term. The Steering Committee is currently meeting annually, but will be evolving to meet twice per year face to face, and virtually on a bi-monthly basis. Steering Committee members are expected to take active ownership of some element of the strategy implementation, coherent with their expertise and interest, and have the support of their institution for their role. The Steering Committee will be integral to implementing a more equitable and global observing system in the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and we look forward to having you on board.

Apply by sending an email expressing interest and ideas on where you feel you could contribute to the following email address:, with your CV.

The call will close on 13 October 2019 (extended date) and selection will be made by 31 October 2019.

Please also forward to any contacts that you think would be good candidates.

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