Request for Nominations – SOT Chairperson

The current Chairperson of the Ship Observations Team (SOT) has expressed his intent to step down from the position after the SOT-12 session in May 2023. 

Applications should be sent to Champika Gallage at the WMO Secretariat. Deadline: 1 May 2023. 

More details, including primary responsibilities of the SOT Chairperson, available below.

SOT Chair / Vice Chair Nomination Process

● The term of SOT EB members is for two years (equal to the intersessional period between SOT meetings). They shall be eligible for re-election in their respective capacities, but would serve in principle for no more than three consecutive terms in that capacity.

o The conclusion of SOT-12 will be the beginning of the second term for SOT chairs and vice chairs of the EB.

● The SOT Chair** position will be open for nominees at SOT-12.

● All other SOT EB chairs and vice chairs (SOT vice chair, and VOSP, SOOPIP, and ASAP chairs and vice chairs) are willing to remain in their roles at the pleasure of the SOT.

● Should multiple individuals express interest in the SOT Chair, or any other chair or vice chair role, elections will be decided by a simple majority if a quorum of SOT members is present at SOT-12, either virtually or in person.

o A quorum of a biennial meeting will consist of at least seven SOT members, with one member per WMO Member State/Territory or IOC Member State represented.

▪ If more than one member representing one WMO and/or IOC Member State/Territory is attending, the representatives* from that particular State/Territory have to decide who shall be representing the Member stare/Territory.

o If a quorum is not present at the meeting, elections shall be by unanimous vote.

o If a unanimous vote cannot be achieved, the EB membership shall be determined by the Secretariats.

o Nominations for vacant positions on the EB will be made prior to, or at, the meeting so that a vote can be taken at the end of the meeting. Nominations should be made to the WMO Secretariat ( and include:

▪ Full name and affiliation (organization, position);
▪ Confirmation of supervisory and permanent representative support; and,
▪ Reasons for applying for the position (500 words or less).

o Only the outcome of the votes will be announced.

▪ The successful candidate for each role will be announced and not the number of votes that led to that outcome or any other information.
▪ The WMO Secretariat will make the announcements.

● In principle, EB membership should assure regional and gender balance as far as possible.

*Representative – National Focal Point or the nominations to attend SOT-12 received from the Permanent Representative of WMO Members and IOC Member States.

**Responsibilities of the chair:

To ensure implementation of the SOT strategy
To lead the preparation of the SOT annual meetings
To work with the executive board members and task teams to monitor and advise on progress with actions
To liaise with users and stakeholders of the SOT
A member of the GOOS Observations Coordination Group (OCG), attending meetings and reporting to the group
Initiate strategic initiatives and coordinate tasks

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