VACANCY: Information Technology (IT) Consultant, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO)

Start of 11 month contract: 1 May 2021.  Deadline for application EXTENDED: 30 April 2021 (17:OO CEST), by e-mail to: with cc to

Proposed Terms of Reference – IT Consultant
Start of Contract: June 2021
End of Contract: May 2022
(11 months)

Background, purpose, duties and tasks

Under the supervision of Albert Fischer (Head of Section, OOS/IOC), with payments foreseen on a monthly basis and deliverables detailed below (see ToRs) the contractor shall:

(i) Migrate existing IOC sites (approximately 20) to a new up-to-date infrastructure as follows:

  • from Ubuntu 14/16/18 to Ubuntu 20
  • from PHP 5.6/7.x to PHP 8.x
  • Apache2 to Apache2.4
  • MySQL 5 to latest MySQL/MariaDB

(ii) Maintain the CMS, including verifications, installations, and updates of antispam and security plugins as necessary.

(iii) Maintain the server, including regular updates/upgrades, full system and server health monitoring, management of backups, log tracking, and installation of firewall or proxy server as needed.

(iv) Act as single point of contact for all site owners and middle person between owners and IODE project office/VLIZ.

(v) Act as service desk to users of IOC websites, primarily IOC staff, regarding issues in updating and developing training materials.

(vi) Troubleshoot individual websites as necessary.

(vii) Document actions carried out in the framework of items i–v above to share with site owners and stored as reference.

UNESCO standard rates are $6,080/month for a mid-level consultant; we would expect full-time work and will entertain offers within a range close to that.

See Vacancy Notice for further details. 

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