ERDDAP Seminar Series

To reach a more diverse set of users, it is critical to provide effective data services that are easy to use and support both human and machine interaction. Building data management capacity that supports multiple data formats and lowering the technical barriers is key.

The Observations Coordination Group and AtlantOS are organizing a seminar series that will introduce the ERDDAP data services and offer on-hands tutorials and offline guides. It will discuss the benefits both from the data provider and data user perspectives, including lowering the technical barriers to providing and accessing data.

September 14th, 2023

Introduction to ERDDAP – Recording here

October 12th, 2023

Using ERDDAP: Demonstrating the use of multiple ERDDAP servers to pull together collocated datasets – Recording here

November 16th, 2023

How to ERDDAP: Configuring data sets and admin questions – Recording here 

Instructional Materials / Videos:

How to set up an ERDDAP Server
– [Github] IOOS’ gold standard ERDDAP setup in docker
– [Video] ERDDAP setup in docker

Previous Seminars

Fair-based tool for improving Global Data sharing

Other Resources:

Visualization tool:  https://viz.pmel.noaa.gov/osmc/?color_by=platform_type
ERDDAP dataset:  https://osmc.noaa.gov/erddap/tabledap/OSMC_30day.html

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