OCG Capacity Development Webinar Series: WMO Information System 2.0 (WIS 2.0)

Presenter: Hassan Haddouch, WIS 2.0 Manager, WIS Branch, WMO

Moderator: Champika Gallage

Date and Time: 13 April 2023, 14:00-15:00 (CEST)

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The Global Telecommunication System (GTS) is maintaining a continuous real-time exchange of essential data by providing observations to the Global Data Processing and Forecasting System Centres and disseminating processed information to National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). The WMO Information System (WIS) was implemented to enhance the GTS by providing discovery and data pull capabilities. The WIS and GTS limitations are well recognized and WIS 2.0 has been designed to overcome them (see here).

WIS 2.0 is an enabler of the WMO Unified Data Policy and its implementation is urgent to allow the WMO to enter a new era of data exchange. The transition from WIS and GTS to WIS 2.0 (GTS to WIS2 for simplicity) is complex and requires the adoption by WMO Members of advanced technologies that are commonly used in the current IT ecosystem but can be difficult to implement for several NMHSs. To facilitate the implementation process and to provide a common base for the further development of WIS 2.0 components, the Standing Committee on Information Management and Technology (SC-IMT) of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM) has established the project “WIS2 in a box” providing cloud-ready software for data exchange in the WIS 2.0 framework.

The Ocean community is expected to transition from the GTS to WIS2 by 2025-2030. Therefore, the workshop aims to introduce WIS 2.0, its implementation plan, and WIS2 in a box, to the ocean community to prepare for the transition and to explore opportunities for synergies to foster WIS 2.0 implementation in a short timeframe.

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